print*, “Hello world!”

As we squelched through the high tide non-Newtonian wet sand on the Outer Banks of North Carolina, we decided we wanted to write a blog.  This would be a blog that would let us talk about science to both a scientific and lay audience (while improving our writing and communication skills).

Who is “we”?  We are identical, mirror image twins (hence the blog name, which Laura will expand upon next post) who are both currently graduate students in the physical sciences.  “Currently”, however, is about to expire: by next week, Carrie will have her doctorate in physical chemistry and will be moving on to her post doc.  Laura will be continuing her studies in chemical physics, hopefully to graduate next year.

Topics for the blog will be pulled mainly from the older papers that scientists often learn about in classes or in research and yet rarely read, to get back to the original sources of our understanding.

We hope you enjoy reading, and that you learn as much as we certainly will!



About Laura

Physics graduate student working in a physical chemistry lab
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